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There are some occasions in your divorce or other family law case when you may feel uncertain about your rights, about the law, about how to proceed.  You know you need the assistance of an attorney. However, you may not be clear about what type of guidance you need.

Perhaps your divorce has been finalized and your ex-spouse has presented you with a modified parenting plan. Maybe your fiancé has suggested a prenuptial agreement and you’re unsure whether to accept it.

Understanding your rights concerning alimony, child support, visitation, property, or the other vast array of intricacies involved in family law, can be difficult without an advanced legal degree. That’s when a legal consultation with an experienced divorce attorney can help.

Kiki Grossman, Conflict Resolution expert with Leap Frog

Why Choose Leap Frog Divorce For Legal Consultation?

Regardless of the reasons for your divorce or other family law matter, each party is entitled to certain rights under the law. These rights shouldn’t be overlooked simply because you don’t have legal representation.

Legal Mastery

Our firm practices only family law and our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of cases related to divorce, from high asset divorce to child custody and more.

Client-Centric Approach

Every divorce is personal and we understand that your needs and views will be different from our own. Our advice is based on what is best for you, not for us.

Dedicated Support

Divorce isn’t just a financial or legal matter. Our attorneys are highly trained in mindfulness, empathy, and psychological safety to provide full legal and emotional support.

Attention To Detail

The issues surrounding divorce are of vital importance and will affect every aspect of your life. Our legal consultation services make sure you’re looking at things from every angle.

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The Legal Consulting Advantage

Not every case is complex enough to warrant having a divorce attorney on retainer. Yet even for the simplest of matters, your rights deserve careful and thorough consideration.

Legal consulting allows us to educate our clients about their rights under the law so they can act as their own advocate.


Putting You First

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust that your spouse—or their lawyer—will be completely truthful and honest about their motivations. Let a skillful divorce attorney help untangle the legal jargon.

Goal-Oriented Solutions

Whenever the courts are involved, it often feels like our lives are no longer under our control. We will thoroughly discuss the details of your situation—your concerns, goals, and what you’ve done so far—to find solutions that work for you.

Divorce Made Easy

Legal consultation should alleviate your burden, not exacerbate the problems that got you here. At Leap Frog Divorce, we’re committed to making the process as stress-free as possible.

Look Before You Leap

It’s very normal to feel intimidated by your first steps into the divorce process. Our legal consultation services are designed to leave you feeling competent and confident about the road ahead.

What Does a Legal Consultation Cost?

At Leap Frog Divorce, we are upfront about our fees.

We charge $300 for your initial one-hour strategy session. If you need additional time, our rate is $427/hour. All consultations can take place either over the phone or in a virtual Zoom meeting. No driving necessary!


Why Aren’t Legal Consultations Free?

In our experience, when it comes to legal advice, people usually get exactly what they pay for. The resulting vague, generic advice does nothing to resolve your situation—and often makes things more confusing!

The attorneys that offer free consultations are often not family law lawyers and provide this service because they expect to get paid when you win your case (and receive a large settlement). Charging a consultation fee allows us to offer meaningful legal advice based on decades of education and experience.


What Does a Legal Consultation Involve?

All consultations are with a licensed attorney specializing in divorce-related issues.

During your consultation, we will discuss your current situation in detail—how it is affecting you and your children, things you have tried in the past, what concerns you have, your hopes and goals for the future—and actively work toward a solution.


What Can I Expect From The Consultation?

At Leap Frog Divorce, our main goal is to provide you with clarity, not generic advice. Your legal consultation will focus only on the needs and concerns that apply to you and we will make sure you understand the steps involved in reaching your goals.

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