Your Compassionate Florida Guardian Ad Litem

April Phillips is more than a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem; she is a committed advocate for children in Florida. With her extensive background in children’s best interests and advocacy, April has spent years developing her skills managing high conflict marital and family law cases involving children. Also a trusted community volunteer, she diligently works as part of the State of Florida Guardian Ad Litem office in the Dependency Court system making recommendations to the court, always prioritizing the child’s best interest. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for child advocacy to her role as a Guardian Ad Litem.

April accepts cases in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia, Marion, and Sumter Counties.

As the “first friend of the child” and the eyes and ears for the Court, April’s unwavering commitment goes beyond her professional obligations, because for her – it’s personal. April’s mother went through the system as a child at a time when Guardian Ad Litem’s didn’t exist. Her mother was removed from her home as a young child, along with multiple other siblings, only to be adopted by an abusive family. Understanding the challenges her mom faced, with no one protecting her best interests, it has been April’s goal to ensure other children’s voices are heard in times of conflict.

April Phillips Guardian ad Litem

April Phillips

Certified Florida Guardian Ad Litem • Florida Bar Registered Litigation and Trial Paralegal

    It’s Time to Put the Child’s Best Interests First

    Why Choose April as Your Guardian Ad Litem?

    April’s professional commitment makes her an indispensable asset to your case and to the children she serves. Selecting April as your Guardian Ad Litem connects you to a professional with a deep understanding of Florida Statutes and the best interests of children. As a State of Florida Certified Guardian Ad Litem, April brings years of legal experience to your case, ensuring timely investigations, detailed reports and recommendations to the court, and competent testimony at hearings and/or Trial. April holds a significant role in determining the best interest of children involved in high conflict court proceedings. As a Certified Guardian Ad Litem, April takes this responsibility seriously, diving deep into every aspect of the child’s life and presenting a comprehensive report and recommendation to the court.

    In addition, April stands out for her passion for child advocacy and her commitment to making services accessible through a transparent, sliding-scale payment system. Choose April Phillips for committed, empathetic, and professional Guardian Ad Litem services for your client!

    Expert Court Representation

    April’s expertise allows her to effectively communicate the child’s situation to the court, influencing decisions in their best interest.

    Compassionate Advocacy

    With a deep passion for child welfare, April provides compassionate advocacy, ensuring every child feels seen and heard.

    Thorough Investigation

    April leaves no stone unturned in her quest for truth, conducting thorough investigations to ensure the child’s best interests are met.

    Knowledge of Florida Statutes

    Her in-depth knowledge of Florida statutes ensures all legal decisions prioritize the child’s welfare.

    Transparent Pricing

    Based on a sliding scale according to the parents’ combined gross income, April’s services are accessible and fair.

    Committed Support

    From start to finish, April offers unwavering support, remaining involved throughout the court proceedings.

    April Phillips Guardian ad Litem

    April Phillips is Accepting New Guardian Ad Litem Cases!

    April is currently taking on new cases for Orange, Seminole, Lake, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia, Marion, and Sumter Counties. She strives to make sure her work is as transparent and straightforward as possible, ensuring the parties are informed of the process and are as comfortable as possible from the outset. From initial consultation to appearing in court, April’s professionalism and commitment shine through, delivering the most effective advocacy for the child’s best interest.

    1. Consultation

    First, you’ll consult with April to discuss the circumstances of the case.

    2. Investigation

    Once appointed by the court, April will commence her investigation. This will involve a deep dive into the child’s life with interviews, home visits, and reviews of pertinent records. Additionally, April will appear at mediations and all court hearings involving the matter.

    3. Court Reporting

    Finally, April will document her findings, providing a thorough Report and Recommendation based on her extensive investigation.

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