April Phillips

Florida Bar Registered Litigation and Trial Paralegal April Phillips

I am a Florida Bar Registered Litigation and Trial Paralegal. With a degree in Legal Studies and over 20 years of combined experience working in the Family Courts, I began my career in Court Appointed Guardianship. I have also worked in the field of Criminal Law where I worked primarily with victims of Domestic Violence. I have extensive experience in divorce, marital, and family law and am passionate about the work I do with families during difficult and life changing times. I have the privilege of serving as the Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors for the Paralegal Section of the Orange County Bar Association and I’m a current member of The Florida Bar Family Law Section. I mentor college students obtaining their Legal Studies degree and teach Continuing Legal Education courses to both Paralegals and Attorneys.

I feel privileged to work with an attorney such as A.J. His compassion for what you’re going through and his settlement minded approach is inspiring. We understand that every family is different. As a Legal Team, A.J. and I provide to you a better client experience than most family law attorneys. You, your family, and your future are considered in everything we do. A.J. and I use a settlement minded team approach, along with our many years of combined experience, to solve your legal problems. It is our goal to keep your case as amicable as possible without the drama and discord that often comes with family law matters, and without the need for extensive fees or litigation for the benefit of you and your family.

While we hope for peaceful resolution, we also understand that sometimes, that’s simply not possible. Whether you’re getting a divorce, or have a custody or visitation issue, it’s important that your Legal Team has the litigation and trial experience necessary to handle your case. Believe it or not, not all lawyers are litigators! The last thing you want is to end up in a Courtroom with an attorney who doesn’t know the process. While your Dentist may technically be a doctor, would you let him perform heart surgery on you? No, you wouldn’t. Your legal matter is equally as serious and having the right Litigation and Trial Team on your side will make a huge difference in how your case is decided if you must appear in front of a Judge. A.J. and I know the litigation process, we understand what is important to the Family Court Judges, and we can get you through a complicated, emotional hearing or trial. It’s my pleasure to work with A.J. and I look forward to working with you!




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