Core Values

Unequivocal Excellence

  •  Always dissatisfied with minimum effort
  •  Always does one’s best
  •  Always looks for opportunities to make something 1% better every day
  • Always reviews work product one more time than necessary
  • Always committed to providing error free work product


Do the right thing and maintain accountability

  • Always does what is morally and ethically right when nobody is watching
  • Always takes responsibility for self
  • Always avoids selfish monetary gain at the expense of the client
  • Always recommends the appropriate option even when the appropriate option may mean less revenue for the firm and billable hours


Compassion, Honesty and Integrity

  • Always tells the client the reality of a situation as opposed to sugar coating or telling the client what you think they want to hear
  • Always empathizing with another’s situation and helping them feel heard, seen, and listened to fully
  • Always telling the truth regardless of anticipated or perceived negative outcomes to one’s self


Enthusiastic, Energetic, and Competitive

  • Always showing a sincere interest in everything you do
  • Always showing that you enjoy helping people even when you are tired and frustrated
  • Always striving to be better than your adversary in everything you do


Interested in continuous self-improvement

  • Always looking for, acquiring, and reading new books that will likely result in personal and/or professional growth and improvement
  • Always looking for, acquiring, and attending CLEs and other educational opportunities to grow personal/professional knowledge
  • Always reflecting on performance and results after each task and asking “How could that have been done better?”


Understand the value of reputation

  • Always demonstrates behavior that will improve and maintain one’s positive reputation in every interaction
  • Always finds ways and opportunities to create and maintain a positive reputation
  • Always avoiding behaving in a way that will diminish one’s reputation


Treat everyone with respect

  • Always treating others, regardless of status or position, as an equal
  • Always behaving in a manner that builds trust and promotes psychological safety for all Leap Frog Divorce team members
  • Always communicating with others in a way that fosters open, honest, and transparent dialogue




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