Unique Co-Mediation Services

Navigating divorce is like trying to solve a complex puzzle, one that requires patience, skill, and an understanding of all the pieces.

Dive headfirst into conflict resolution without the long wait or unnecessary hassle. At Leap Frog Divorce, we are proud to introduce a unique, highly effective co-mediation service led by our dynamic husband and wife duo, A.J. and Kiki Grossman. As certified family mediators and seasoned attorneys, they are equipped with the experience and acumen to facilitate swift, balanced, and comprehensive conflict resolution.

AJ and Kiki Grossman working on a puzzle together

Why Choose Leap Frog Divorce Co-Mediation?

At Leap Frog Divorce, we’ve revolutionized the traditional mediation model. Our co-mediation services represent a unique approach, providing unmatched value. Co-Mediation with Leap Frog Divorce provides a pathway to transform conflict into resolution.


Swift Scheduling

No more waiting months for a mediator. We have slots open immediately.

Balanced Perspectives

Benefit from the combined insights of a male-female mediator team.

Continuous Dialogue

With two mediators, there’s no downtime in the mediation process.


Get the expertise of two mediators at a low hourly rate of $350.


Trust in our mediators, who were trained at one of the nation’s best dispute resolution programs.

Holistic Approach

We treat mediation like a puzzle and work diligently to help put the pieces back together.

A.J. Grossman and Kiki Grossman from Leap Frog Divorce

The Co-Mediation Advantage

Our co-mediation model is akin to having two expert puzzle masters guiding your clients. Co-mediation harnesses the power of multiple perspectives, blending male and female viewpoints for a balanced approach. Additionally, having two mediators facilitates continuous dialogue during the process, eliminating waiting times that usually occur when clients are split up during a mediation. You’re not just getting two mediators, you’re getting a seamless, efficient, and more thorough mediation process.

Double Perspectives, Double Insights

With A.J. and Kiki, you get the advantage of two seasoned mediators, each contributing their unique perspective and insight. Their combined expertise brings a comprehensive understanding of both legal and interpersonal issues, allowing a well-rounded approach to dispute resolution.

Time-Efficient Communication

In traditional mediation, clients often have to wait their turn to communicate their concerns. But with co-mediation, there’s no waiting. While one client is speaking with one mediator, the other client can be speaking with the other mediator. This enables continuous and efficient communication, ensuring everyone is heard and every moment counts.

Immediate Availability

Forget waiting months for an available mediator. With our unique co-mediation service, we have immediate slots open for your case. We understand the urgency of resolving disputes, and we strive to provide our services promptly without compromising quality.

The 12 Principles

The 12 Principles serve as a foundation for our co-mediation process. By creating our co-mediation “container” with the 12 Principles, we create an environment that fosters constructive conflict navigation and resolution.

Booking a Mediator Has Never Been Easier

With lawyers struggling to find available mediators, we are happy to offer enhanced availability for half-day and full-day mediations. With Leap Frog Divorce, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3:


Think Leap Frog Divorce

When you’re in need of a mediator, make us your first thought. We’re ready to jump right into action and help you bring your client’s dispute to a resolution.


Complete the Contact Form

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Lock In Your Booking

Pick your time and day, pay your deposit, and consider the booking done!

Meet the Grossmans

Together, A.J. and Kiki bring a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to the mediation table. Their shared journey through law school and post-doctorate studies at The Straus Institute at Pepperdine School of Law, internationally recognized as one of the nation’s top law-school-based conflict resolution programs, has honed their ability to navigate complex conflict scenarios. Coupled with A.J.’s experience in the court room and Kiki’s experience in corporate conflict resolution, they are well-prepared to guide your clients towards amicable resolution.

A.J. Grossman

A.J. Grossman

Attorney at Law • Certified Family Mediator

Kiki Grossman

Kiki Grossman

Lead Conflict Resolution Specialist • Attorney at Law

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