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Determining a visitation schedule can be a challenge even in divorces that are largely amicable. Whether you are still in the process of getting divorced or need to make updates to your current parenting plan, you need a good Orlando visitation rights attorney who understands Florida law and can help you navigate the entire process with the ultimate goal of finding what is best for the children. AJ Grossman and the Orlando visitation rights lawyers at Leap Frog Divorce are experts in Florida Family law, and always have the best interests of the children in their minds. We’re standing by ready to help you as soon as you are ready.


It’s understandable that emotions run hot during a divorce. Unfortunately, it’s often the children who get hurt the most. That’s why we often ask hard and sometimes deep questions when discussing visitation rights. If a client believes that their spouse doesn’t deserve time with their children, or that they should only have supervised visitations, then one of the first questions we’ll ask is “how would that scenario help the children?”

Florida courts prefer to have both parents involved with their children’s lives. If it truly is in the best interest of the child to limit visitation by one of the parents, there will need to be evidence and documentation to show to the court. In most cases, it’s best for the child when both parents can agree to set aside their emotions and work together to give their children the best lives possible. This is always our goal at Leap Frog Divorce, and we work with our clients as much as possible to make it happen.



A divorce will end your marriage, but you’ll always be connected with your spouse through the children you share. In an ideal scenario, both spouses would work together to develop a visitation schedule (also known as a Parenting Plan in Florida) where the two parents would be able to share time with their kids. This does not mean that visitation would be split 50/50 however. The goal is to find a reasonable plan where both parents can remain involved in their children’s lives.

The first step of this process will be determining which parent gets custody. There are many factors that go into child custody decisions, but typically Florida prefers joint custody arrangements on the belief that it’s better for the child when both parents remain involved. Determining custody during a divorce can be challenging and often confusing. You need a strong advocate on your side to guide you through the custody process.



Once custody has been established, a visitation agreement will be worked on to determine a time-sharing schedule that works best for everyone. These visitation schedules are detailed plans that include specific times that a minor child will spend with each parent. Even if both parents agree to the visitation schedule, a court judge has to sign off on it. If the judge doesn’t believe the parenting plan is in the best interest of your child, they can deny it.

Florida courts recognize that every family is different, so there isn’t any preferred Parenting Plan in the statutes. This allows for unique family dynamics to be accounted for. There are many different and effective visitation schedules. One schedule might involve spending 2 days with one parent, 2 days with another parent, then 3 days back with the first parent before the schedule switches the following week. Another schedule might have the child with a parent for 3 days and the other parent for 4 days one week, switching every week. At Leap Frog Divorce, we’ve seen a large variety of different visitation schedules and can help you develop a plan that is best for you, your spouse, and most importantly of all, your children.

Parenting Plans can also be modified and updated later as situations for the two parents change. Any change to the visitation schedule would have to be approved by the court. And just like with the initial visitation schedule, the judge will have the ultimate authority in the matter and could knock down any changes that don’t benefit the children.


Whether you are trying to establish your initial Florida Parenting Plan, or need to make a change to an existing one, it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable visitation rights attorney on your side. Someone who not only understands inside and out Florida’s laws but who has your children’s best interests in their mind at all times. Contact us today and schedule your Strategy Session. We will gladly discuss your unique situation with you, explain your options under Florida law, and work for what is best for your children.



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