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Like any good parent, you want what’s best for your kids. Sometimes that means getting a divorce.

But sorting out custody arrangements is often easier said than done, especially when you add stonewalling, hostility, or even domestic violence into the equation.

If you’re looking for a committed advocate, the Orlando child custody attorneys at Leap Frog Divorce are here for you. Just like you, we put the best interests of your child first.

Whether you’re interested in a peaceful, collaborative divorce or need backup against a vindictive spouse, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re represented and protected.



How Florida Child Custody Cases Work

One of the biggest myths surrounding child custody is that “the mother always gets custody of the kids.”

This may have been true decades ago, but Florida courts now prioritize both parents spending time with their children and prefer to give equal parenting time to both parents.

There are three options that Florida judges have when it comes to legal custody:

  • Shared Parental Responsibility (or Joint Custody) is when both parents work together to make decisions about their children’s lives.
  • Ultimate Responsibility encourages both parents to communicate, but gives one parent the final say if they cannot come to an agreement.
  • Sole Responsibility is when one parent is responsible for making all the decisions without needing to notify or get permission from the other parent.

Most of the time, judges will order shared parental responsibility unless it would result in detriment or harm to the child(ren). This often leads to law offices encouraging their clients to give up the idea of sole custody, regardless of their feelings on sharing parenting.

But at Leap Frog Divorce, our priority—first and foremost—is our client and their children. We dig deeper into family history than other child custody lawyers in Orlando to ensure that your kids’ safety and wellbeing come first.

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How Leap Frog Divorce Can Help

As painful as divorce is for adults, it is even more so for children.

We believe that children should be everyone’s top priority in a divorce—from the parents to the lawyers and judges.

Our Orlando child custody lawyers begin each case by asking our clients a series of questions to give us an insider’s view on the family dynamics.

Such questions include:

  • What is your parenting style?
  • What is your spouse’s parenting style?
  • What worked well in your marriage?
  • What didn’t work in your marriage?
  • What do your children like to do?
  • Who takes the children to school?
  • Who takes the children to their doctor or dentist appointments?
  • How do parents share parental roles?

Once the family history has been established, we ask our clients to describe their ultimate wish for how physical custody will play out.

Many clients seek to have shared custody with their spouse, while others wish for sole custody of their children. Our role is not to steer you towards an “easy win” for us, but to decisions that put the interests of the child first.


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“What Role Does My Spouse Play?”

By its very nature, divorce involves two people. Two people who often have very different ideas for what the “best case scenario” looks like.

Your child custody time sharing arrangement depends a great deal on whether or not you and your spouse can come to an agreement. This usually plays out in one of three ways.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, the two of you are in agreement about everything. You both agree on a parenting plan, holidays, child support, and other important details.

These types of divorces are usually settled much more quickly (and for much less money).

Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, spouses don’t necessarily agree with all of the details, but they are willing to work together to de-escalate any conflict and preserve the family unit.

Because you’re able to avoid going to court, collaborative divorce puts much of the power back in both of your hands and you can take as much or as little time as you need.

Litigated Divorce

Litigated divorce is what most people think of when they think of a divorce. When one or both parties are unable to come to an agreement and reach a standstill, they go before a judge who will review the case and make a final determination.

While this method does take some of the control out of your hands, it is necessary if you’re dealing with a hostile, demanding spouse or domestic violence. With such individuals, uncontested or collaborative divorce is simply not an option.

While Leap Frog Divorce is uniquely qualified to take couples through the process of a collaborative divorce, we are also experienced at dealing with high-conflict spouses in a court of law.


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Putting Your Family First

At Leap Frog Divorce, we understand the mix of emotions that surround any divorce. We also understand that those emotions are dramatically increased whenever children are involved.

Regardless of how you’re feeling about your divorce, our experienced child custody lawyers in Orlando, FL will work tirelessly to make sure your emotions (and your interests) are represented.

It’s our job to represent you and your children—not your spouse. Throughout your case, we will put your children’s interests first and we will never push you toward an unfavorable decision just because it’s “easier.”

Contact Leap Frog Divorce today to schedule your one-hour strategy session where we will discuss you, your family, and your goals for the future.



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