Collaborative Divorce

The two of you may have agreed to a divorce, but that doesn’t mean you signed up for conflict and hostility. In fact, when a relationship is ending, that’s when we need peace and stability the most!

Collaborative divorce provides couples with an alternative to litigation (i.e. “divorce court”) that places the power back in your hands.

When two people have the freedom to make their own decisions (rather than a Judge doing it for them!), the result is not only more affordable, but faster. On average, collaborative divorces take less than 12 months!

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Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce is already hard enough without adding fuel to the fire. Get divorced faster and with less stress with Leap Frog Divorce.

More Privacy

Staying out of the courtroom means you don’t “air your dirty laundry” in the courtroom where any member of the public can be present. Instead the process takes place outside the courtroom in private meetings.

More Control

In a litigated divorce, final decisions are made by a Judge who knows nothing about you or your life. But with a collaborative divorce, the two of you get the final say.

More Freedom

Start the next chapter of your life as soon as possible. Most collaborative divorces take 12 months or less!

More Peaceful

Traditional divorce often focuses on fanning the flames, but with a collaborative divorce, the two of you work together to make decisions. Less hostility, more stability.

How It Works

Collaborative divorce works when both spouses agree to a divorce free from conflict and hostility. The result is not only more peaceful, but faster and more affordable as well!

Hire Your Own Experts

Each spouse hires their own Professional Team of experts to guide them through the divorce process, including lawyers, mental health professionals, financial experts, divorce coaches, legal consultants, and—if necessary—a business valuation expert.


Aided by your Professional Team, the two of you will talk about your goals and interests, identify the most pressing issues in your divorce, and negotiate until you arrive at a decision that is satisfactory to all parties.

Save Money

Because collaborative divorces are often faster than a traditional divorce, they tend to be much cheaper than pursuing a litigated divorce. At Leap Frog Divorce, we offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

Collaborative Divorce Is…

Faster. Easier. More Affordable Than Trial. See the Leap Frog difference.


Your Life, Your Divorce

We discuss your unique situation so that we have a better understanding of your needs and goals.


On Your Side

Our collaborative divorce attorneys will develop and execute a plan that addresses your concerns and resolve disputes with ease.


Start The Next Chapter

Enjoy your newfound independence and move on to the next chapter of your life with confidence and stability!

Meet the Grossmans

Together, A.J. and Kiki bring a wealth of experience and a fresh approach. Their shared journey through law school and post-doctorate studies at Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, internationally recognized as one of the nation’s top law-school-based conflict resolution programs, has honed their ability to navigate complex conflict scenarios. Coupled with A.J.’s experience in the court room and Kiki’s experience in corporate conflict resolution, they are well-prepared to guide their clients towards an amicable resolution.

A.J. Grossman

A.J. Grossman

Attorney at Law • Certified Family Mediator

Kiki Grossman

Kiki Grossman

Lead Conflict Resolution Specialist • Attorney at Law


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