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Can I just get a quote?

Can I Just Get A Quote?

That's a good question! We handle this question a lot. The specific facts of your case influence costs. The typical cost for the solution to your legal problem ranges from about $2000 to $20,000. If your priority is to find the least expensive option, we encourage you to find help that fits within your budget.

Giving custom price estimates or quotes over the phone is not something any quality lawyer will do. If you get a specific quote from a lawyer who is going to charge you by the hour, I would advise you to be concerned.

Hiring a divorce lawyer to solve your legal problem is not like buying a car or getting an estimate to paint your house.

Sometimes we get calls from people who don't want to schedule a consultation and just want a price quote. They usually ask something like "I need a divorce. How much will it cost?" or "I need to change custody of my child. Can you give me a quote?"

Asking these questions would be the same as calling a doctor's office and asking "I have pain in my lower back. How much for surgery?" or "My shoulder really hurts. How much for some pain medication?"

I can't imagine any reputable medical doctor quoting prices over the phone without seeing and talking to a patient first. It is the same with lawyers. Without talking with you about your particular situation, finding out what you need from your lawyer, and what your goals are, there is no reasonable way for us to determine how much your particular legal problem might cost to solve.

Can we provide an estimated range of what a typical divorce might cost? Yes, we can do that. Any lawyer with at least 5 years experience handling the type of legal problem you have should be able to give you a reasonable estimate. However, it will likely require a consultation so the lawyer can talk with you and gather enough information about your unique situation.


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