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Can I get FREE legal advice?

The short answer is no.

Here is the longer answer...

In order for a lawyer to give proper legal advice, it is necessary to understand the context and the unique facts of your particular situation. Every situation is different and cookie-cutter legal advice is inappropriate and could be misleading. It is also important to understand your goals for legal representation.

Lawyers have solutions to legal problems. That is what we do. We help people solve legal problems.

We have spent years becoming educated about the practice of law before we ever have clients and cases. We put in hours upon hours of time to prepare for the Bar Exam to get our license to practice law. Then we spend years or decades honing our practice and gaining experience with different Judges and different situations. So, the value we bring to solving people's problems goes far beyond our hourly rates or answering questions. This has value and is worth something more than $0.00.

  • When you call a medical doctor, will you get free medical advice specific to your medical issue? No.
  • When you call a therapist, will you get free therapy specific to your situation? No
  • When you go to a restaurant, will they let you have a free steak so you can try it out first and see if you like it? Probably not.
  • When you order something from Amazon, can you get things for free to try them out and see if you will like them? No.

So why would you think you can get something for free from a divorce lawyer? Please tell me...I genuinely want to know!


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