What Happens to a Business in Divorce

What Happens To Your Business in Divorce If you are a business owner, it is imperative that you understand what happens to your business in divorce. YOUR BUSINESS – MARITAL OR SEPARATE In a divorce, “Marital Assets” are typically things acquired during the marriage,...

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How Long Does a Divorce Take

HOW LONG DOES A DIVORCE TAKE? This is a question I get often. The amount of time it takes to complete your divorce will largely depend upon a few important factors. HOW COMPLEX IS YOUR ESTATE If you are self-employed and have one or more businesses, your divorce is...

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What Are My Rights in Divorce

What are my rights in divorce is a question I heard recently from a client. This is a difficult question to answer because divorce law spans a wide range of topics and issues. WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS IN DIVORCE – WHICH TOPIC? Our Judges are taught to address divorce cases...

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How to Choose a Mediator

Learning how to choose a mediator might be critical to settling your case. This blog will help you understand the importance of choosing correctly. As fans of the Harry Potter series, my wife and I were excited about the release of the final film, Harry Potter and the...

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How Apology Can Help You in Conflict

Learning how apology can help you in conflict is a skill we should all have ready to go when the time is right. Has anyone ever apologized to you, and it seemed kind of lackluster? Do some apologies sound more like excuses for bad behavior? What is a true apology and...

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How to Communicate Better in Conflict

Learning how to communicate better in conflict is a critical skill for all of us. Generally, people do not communicate effectively when they are in conflict with someone else. Whether the conflict is with a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or employer,...

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How Does Alimony Work

How Does Alimony Work Alimony in Florida is a hot issue in divorce. My law practice focuses 100% on divorce cases. I will help you understand how alimony works in Florida. Whether you are considering divorce, starting the divorce process, or in the middle of a...

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Collaborative Divorce Saves Lives

Collaborative Divorce saves lives! I am an Orlando collaborative divorce attorney. I was on my way to work when I saw it on the billboard. Our Orlando Health Heart Institute is celebrating Heart Health Awareness Month. This is one of its slogans..."Collaboration Can...

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